What Are Macrobiotics?

Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio follow it, and he convinced his friend Gwyneth Paltrow to try it. She got hooked and so have Gisele Bundchen, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson and other celebrities.


Macrobiotics is a unique diet plan based on the principles of Zen Buddhism that feature foods that create a healthy body balance. It’s a meal plan and way of life that can also treat diseases like cancer and heart problems, say its followers.


Macrobiotics include foods like whole grains (brown rice, oat, quinoa, buckwheat) and locally grown organic veggies. The plan limits the amount of meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy one can enjoy.


Patriots quarterback standout Tom Brady (married to Bundchen) has spoken to the media about following the principles of macrobiotics and has stated that he avoids eating nightshade vegetables like tomatoes and mushrooms because they are inflammatory to the body.


A macrobiotic diet plan also encourages “mindful eating.” In other words, how one chews the food is essential for maximum digestion. It’s recommended that the person really enjoy what they are eating, not to rush the meal and chew thoroughly.


At least 20 to 30 times of chewing per mouthful is the rule, say macrobiotics experts.


Conscious eating and chewing well are designed to balance blood sugar, reduce cravings for sweets, increase mental clarity and create inner calm. This kind of relationship to food also promotes more nutritional satisfaction.


If you’re interested in this lifestyle, but not sure where to start, TheSaladGirl is a blog whose writer has experimented with macrobiotics in a delightful way. Princeton, New Jersey’s Maggie and her family began playing around with the diet plan and lifestyle that balances the yin and yang elements of food.


Maggie has honestly portrayed her initial struggles with eating macrobiotics, her successes and recommendations on how to jump into the diet. Her blog includes a beautiful compilation of recipes like gingery chickpeas, oatmeal apple raspberry pie, lentils with cilantro and many others.


TheSaladGirl.com features macrobiotic restaurant food reviews and also includes top macrobiotic websites to visit.


For those who follow macrobiotics, it’s more than just a sound diet. The aim is to focus on building a relationship with food, the environment, the activities one engages in and their attitude. This ideal combination affects the body, mind and emotions for a longer, healthier life.


As always, consult a doctor before trying a new diet to make sure you are doing so in a safe and efficient manner!


Originally posted on JoshuaWagschal.net on July 2, 2018!

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Joshua Wagschal is a dedicated and passionate food blogger based in Denver, Colorado.

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